Insights Shared – Planes that Crash, Hackers [and more]

Presenting a few insights shared by our reader-writers, who comment @pluggdin. Few comments need to reach out to wider audience and this is an attempt to do the same (without…

Presenting a few insights shared by our reader-writers, who comment @pluggdin. Few comments need to reach out to wider audience and this is an attempt to do the same (without undermining the significance of several other comments we receive daily).

Entrepreneurship is very personal and if you don’t have the discipline muscle already trained and ready, the first year or two will be very hard. But after that, you simply pick up a sheet of paper in the morning, look over at your yearly plan, and write down the couple of things that you must do that day to get a little closer.

At the end of the day, cross all the items off the list. If you’re lucky, that is.

Of course, it’s much harder than that. Specially when your plan is evolving as you go.

From my experience, I believe what makes entrepreneurship so hard is having to fly multiple plans in the sky simultaneously.

It’s telling which planes are carrying the cargo and which are carrying the people. The ones that can absolutely not crash no matter what from the ones that can not crash.

– Nash Kabbar on What exactly makes Entrepreneurship so hard
This comment is quite interesting, as I met a fellow entrepreneur friend who said –’the comment has changed his thinking and he was still talking about which plane to fly!’


The online identity is built by what you do offline. How much do you connect with people, talk to peers, make a concerted attempt to show your face wherever your customers are present.

Another is that your identity is your product — as one of the product gurus (dont recollect his name) once said, “Half the battle of online presence is the product.”

The reason people do not show up on your www, do not open your newsletters, and do not talk about your product in the social media circles is that they’re not having any positive experience with it.

Indus on How to Create an Online Identity for Your Startup

Read /.
2) watch classic Geek Movies like Pirates of the Silicon Valley, Office Space, The Code
3) Read “How To Become A Hacker” by ESR
4) Read essays by Paul Graham
5) Use FOSS OS like GNU/Linux, BSD etc..
6) Participate in GSoC
7) Join an active LUG like ILUGC
8) Read: How to get a Linux Admin Job?
The concept may be applied to beyond Linux
9) Hack Meomo/Android to run on a cheap winmo handset
10)Become a Debian developer
11)Watch Guy Kawasaki’s talks
12)Subscribe to the
13) write and ebook and publish it for free
14) learn mailing list etiquettes
15) hand around on your favorite IRC channels
16) Read the LH blog
17) read
18) don’t subscribe techcrunch. the volume is too huge. if something really cool happens there, it will be on techmeme anyway
19) when you bored run fortune for cool quotes
20) try photography
25) Profit

Benjamin on How to Become a World Class Computer Engineer

Yet another thing is the people’s reaction…

one: So… another NRN in the making … good luck man… i wish i had your guts.

Another: U think u can become another Ambani? Dream on man.

Family: Only fools will leave such a lucrative job to start business…i know X and that Y and this Z who started and failed.

Then u start wondering whether you are YOU or NRN or Ambani or a Fool :-)

Follow your dream … then things will follow YOU.

– Kasi on Art of UnLearning,the must-have trait for Entrepreneurs

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