Plash Reading App Is Like The Flipboard With A Local Twist


Plash Reading App Is Like The Flipboard With A Local Twist

plashThere is a lot of news content available on the Internet today and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find content that is relevant and interesting. This problem is especially acute on mobile devices, as typing or searching on the small screen is a tiring task. There is a definite need for an aggregation platform for news that has less clutter and noise. Oh wait, there are a lot of aggregation platforms already. Here’s another one.

Plash, a news and content curation app by Bangalore based Plash Digital Labs, is trying to give the reader curated content based on adaptive learning of the their browsing and reading habits. What’s the difference you ask? Most of the apps in the market currently available mainly support English language content, but Plash supports content 4 regional Indian languages, namely Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The app also plans to support 5 more regional languages by December.Phlash

The content is not just restricted to news, but also blogs, magazines, journals etc. The service already has syndicated feed from 51 publishers, categorized into 185 predefined categories. On top of the inbuilt channels users can also manually subscribe to feeds of their choice, based on topic, author or entity.

The app personalizes your chosen content channels based on your historical reading analysis, collaborative analysis through your social media and contextual analysis ensuring that the content is is the most relevant to areas chosen by you.

In case the data connection is not inconsistent, the app will allow you to bookmark your content to read it offline at a later time. The app also avoids intrusive advertisements like banner Ads and gives users a magazine styled, full paged ads  that are related to the users content.

Some of the other similar content curation platform include NewsHunt – an app using which users can access content from various national and regional dailies, Zite – an app that serves you curated content from blogs, magazines and other news sources and Flipboard – which is more of a digital magazine with a social touch. All of these have a big head start over the Plash app.

The app generates revenue through the Ad slots within content that can either be monetized by publisher or by Plash.

In the future the app plans to add a two way curation feature using which users can follow other people with similar interest and passion for example you  subscribe to a feed of read articles of your social network friends, columnist or celebrities.

The app launched on 13th of November is currently available for the Android platform available. A Windows 8 app is set to be launched in December and the iOS app in January, early next year.

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