Plash Wants To Be Your Personalized News App; A Better Flipboard

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Plash Wants To Be Your Personalized News App; A Better Flipboard

Plash, your personalised news aggregator, offers content from over 90 publishers and 18 magazines in over 300 categories.

Vikas Jha, while working in Amsterdam, realised that there is a scarcity of Indianised content for the native reader. Instead of cribbing about it, he decided to lead the way. Thus Plash was born.


A one-stop solution for your reading needs

Basically aimed at providing a content-rich platform for the reader, the Plash app has partnership with publishers ruling out possibilities of copyright infringement. As you read more articles, the user behavior is analyzed and articles of your choice are brought to you. For example, if you have been searching Sachin Tendulkar, all article related to the topic are delivered to you and the next time an update happens, you receive it as well.

The basic notion is that you should stop having to put in work to find information. Information should understand you and actually find you. Plash with its customized RSS, topic-based feeds and themed magazines, places importance on personalization and discovery of content.

Read regional language Content

The Plash app now lets you read in regional languages as well.The data heavy app will now start giving localized and regional content in various Indian languages. Since it is a heavy app, customization is being done for 2G and other slow connections.

Over 50,000 minutes of user engagement and  over 40,000 downloads since the app launched in Nov 2013.


Other players

Newshunt, Flipboard, Pulse and News360 are also apps that provide similar services. One differentiator could be that Plash focuses mainly on regional and Indian content. Plash also claims to have a better personalization engine.

Plash intends to generate revenue through advertisement in the future.

Future plans

The Plash app is  being launched as Shubbak in the middle east in July. More content is being added to the app, both for Indian and international users.

“Apart from tying up with more regional content providers, We will continue to invest in the full value chain to actively differentiate themselves from free or low-value services thats presently offered to the Indian consumers, “ Vikas said.

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