Play Antakshari on Mobile [Voice Recognition]


Antakshari is one of the most popular musical games in India and as we grow to be a telecom generation, there is a need to expand the game across the virtual network.

Mobile Antakshari is an interesting multilingual speech recognition technology mobile game that is based on the classic Indian music game of Antakshari.

Developed by Chennai based Hexolabs (they earlier launched twitGuru – Human Powered Ad Network for Twitter), the product needs no install and is currently available as VAS on Idea network (currently Mobile Antakshari is available in 4 India languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). The voice recognition part is powered by Nuance and beauty of the product remains simple usable interface that could be accessed by any number literate user.

Watch this demo video. If you are on Idea network, do give this service a spin and share your feedback.

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