iOS Users Spend 2X As Much As Android Users On Apps, Down From 4X Last Year

Google and Apple are the two most dominant forces in the global mobile market and likewise control the two most dominant app stores.


While neither company supplies exact figures for downloads and payouts to developers, we can approximate how each app store is performing based on the loose figures they do supply.

Last Summer, Apple revealed that it had paid out $10 billion to developers in the previous 12 months and Google said it had paid about $5 billion in approximately the same period of time.

Considering that Android had 2x the number of users compared to iOS, the earnings per user for iOS was 4x that of an Android user.

This year, Apple announced that it again gave out $10 billion to developers, and while the lack of growth might be because of rounding off the numbers, it does imply people are spending less on apps given the iOS user base is growing.

Google on the other hand, announced that it paid $7 billion to developers in the 12 months since last I/O which implies that Play Store revenue growth is much faster than that of the App Store.

Google vs Apple Apps 2

Since Android still has 2x the number of users as compared to iOS, it implies that the average Android user spends half as much as the average iOS user – a big bump from ¼ a year ago, but a great improvement.

Google vs Apple Apps

In terms of app downloads, Google’s Play Store registered 50 billion downloads in the past year, while Apple registered 25 billion app downloads. Taking into account that Android has roughly double the number of users, the average number of app installed on both platforms are equal.

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