Ojas Ventures, along with SOS Ventures (China) has invested in Play140, a US based social gaming startup that takes a much different positioning in the world of Zyngas.

Play140, as the name indicates is played over text (SMS including) and supports mediums like SMS, Twitter, web, IM, set-top boxes, smartphones and tablets.

What’s unique about play140 is their focus on target segment (and their behavior): play140’s customers are connected people who have bite-sized chunks of time in their day to enjoy 30-second to 5-minute bits of entertainment: waiting for the bus, waiting to pick up the kids at school, etc.

That is, not-so-serious games (worried about levels), but the ones who need a bit of ‘minor’ distractions.

The play140 game platform is a suite of cloud-based technologies that integrate disparate textual platforms (Twitter, SMS, IM, set-top boxes, etc.) and bridge them together in real time to federate Twitter’s 100M users with 1B IM users with 600M Facebook users et. al. The company will release an API in 2011 so that third parties can create their own games on the platform.

The success of Flash-based, casual-games has expanded the gaming segment in recent years, driving nearly 100M new gamers into the market. Now hundreds of companies and hundreds of millions in investment are attempting to “out-Zynga Zynga” with more and more complicated Flash-based games. An uninteresting game which can be challenged only with a different perspective on social gaming.

Do you think text-based games will be fun? Or the world is moving towards high-end Flash (HTML5) games?


Hello World.

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