Playbook on principles for your first job

Enter the side door Most people enter the “front door” in their careers. The problem is – when you do what most people do, you get the results most people get. If you want a n-of-1 career, don’t take the 1-of-n path. – Romeen Sheth

Early career years are painful. You feel like an idiot 98% of the time – lost, confused and insecure. I wish I had a playbook on principles for my first job. So I put one together. Here are 9 threads packed with lessons about building a career I wish I knew sooner:
The last lesson (sorry no thread!) which encompasses all of the above is… Share. In. Public. The serendipity of getting into the town square of the internet and being a participant (not just an observer) can’t be understated.
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