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playgroundonlineIndia is a land of crazy sports fans and we boast of a top notch cricket team, world chess champ and of course, the vast number of street players and ‘self-acclaimed’ sports pundits.

Inspite of a strong demand/market, there is not a single portal dedicated to buying sports accessories and related stuff in India – a case of low hanging fruit? is a Bangalore-based startup and is bringing the buyers and sellers closer. Currently, they offer sports apparel, footwear, Books/Videos, Gaming and related products for sports fan in India (free shipping).

PlayGroundOnline has tied up with several suppliers and have launched branded stores too (like Cosco, Stag)

The site is nicely done and the team has gotten a good inventory of products; and is also planning to build more interactivity (community of sports lovers) by providing an arena for users to interact and express opinions.

My only feedback to them is that billing and shipping address need not be different for consumers (I know that one of the co-founder is from e-procurement industry, and this is a common practice in a typical B2B industry).

What’s your take on PlayGroundOnline?
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