Plug ‘n’ Play Cricket -when’er wherever, with whoever

So you think you could challenge the Brian Lara
and Sachin Tendulkars of this world?

Give it a try – if not in the real world, but atleast
in your game console.
With a real bat and ball!!

And all that in a video game!!

Forget about all those cricket computer games that makes you an arm-chair-athlete!
Its time to dig the real one!

Folks at Radica have created a plug-‘n’-play
cricket video game, that allows the players to
swing the real bats and ball!

How does it work?
For the batsmen, ultra-responsive motion sensors in the base console react to the timing and
force of your swing.

For bowlers, the speed of bowling is determined by the degree of welly that you use.
And the length of the throw is determined by a power bar that rises as your on-screen bowler runs up to the crease.

Thankfully, you don’t need to run aroud the house to field those 4s and sixes!! Fielding is automated!

The video game, priced at $75 comes with different options of 1-dayers/test matches at diff. levels (Club/ County/International level).

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