goes Thailand, discovers Twitter doing its rounds.

Tech goes Thailand, discovers Twitter doing its rounds.

Recently, we visited Bangkok, Thailand in a mood to relax and massage ourselves down to sweetness. And guess what caught our eyes at the parlour: Twitter!. The startup (is it really a startup anymore?), it seems has truly penetrated all over the landscape.

And with Michael Jackson’s twits raking up the internet, we could trace out some of the top twitter users of Bangkok as well. @bangkok and @bangkokpundit were two anonymous blogger that seemed to lead the race. Covering the political climate and opinions of the Thais, the top two were followed by @insearchofsanuk, @chezpim, @bkmagazine and @busypartyboy too.


Perfect for recession @JOB_BKK, was twitting about the latest jobs from influential financial managers to a rugged mechanic in the city. The race to catch on with technology is hot at Bangkok and we felt the awareness over the place quite startling for the first moment.

So who are leading the race in India? Or should we call it from Bangalore, alone? Who are finally the top twittering agents in our country? Or, do we have a different race to follow (i.e. smsgupshup for the Indian genre particularly?).

Is entrepreneurship our true turning edge?

What’s your take?


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