has a New Favicon – ‘Pi’

We have a new Favicon & Logo in place.  Clear the cache of your browser and give it a look. Not that this step would end up bringing up a sudden surge in our traffic-stats or take us to stardom, but for a Startup Blog, we really have been giving a close look at recently.

Changing our favicon to “Pi” for [Pluggd]. [in] we discarded the earlier “powering”  symbol favicon completely. Earlier in September, we’d also adopted a fresh tag-line “we heart Startups” for our blog.

See the changes:

favicons copy

There is a reason why such a change was imperative for […Pi, Pi, Pi] :-).  The process of ‘carving a niche’ is not decisively clear from the point of start. has taken shape over time, in few years as it happens with any other startup. And slowly over time, we’ve visualized from a distance – a presentable face for our entity.

For example today is subscribed by thousands of techies & business grads both in India and abroad. But the domain name we hold is a [dot] in and not [dot]com. And it was essentially difficult for our friends and friends of friends to remember where exactly on internet we wrote our things.

So we stressed out on ‘IN‘ in our fresh logo.

Similarly, the favicon i.e. ‘Pi‘ made us remind of that 22/7 factor of school math.  We simply snatched the thought of using Pi favicon for as it made us feel happy and it fit the bill perfectly. It is extremely important to feel happy about designing one’s product; coz that is exactly what the customers are gonna feel too.

We hope you like the new logo and the favicon. Do let us know 🙂



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