And goes global!

When we started, the vision was to build a platform for product startups to get a LOT of visibility, feedback and customers. And unlike traditional media, we focused a lot on products and less on people (and their degrees).

We have proven the model in India and continuing with our technology and product obsession, we are super glad to announce that we are now going global and increasing our global focus.

As Indian startups go global and several global startups plan to enter Indian market, they have often asked us how we can help them connect to global audience, markets and vice versa!

What *Global* means to us?

Covering the newsy stuff that others are anyways covering? Actually not. We won’t be covering newsy stuff (unless it has a serious global implication, e.g. Twitter API v1.1: What Does it Mean For Developers?).

So what exactly is global for us?

First, let us take a step back and share a few interesting stats. Top 10 countries with significant traffic (to is not just US, UK and Canada; but also countries like Japan, Korea and Israel.

We always had a very global audience, so this comes as a logical extension to the brand.

For us, global is simple, i.e. products targeting global markets. Irrespective of their home market, irrespective of whether they are in Israel or India. You can derive inspiration from these OR  you can partner with them – but given the rate at which the world is flattening, you just cannot ignore the global market (and vice versa, i.e. global players cannot ignore the Indian market anymore).

And we are here to bridge the gap. Give immense visibility to startups. Give you a lot of ‘early spotted’ ideas to munch on!

Aren’t global blogs covering these startups?

Well, our soul lies in products (the media play is just a happenstance) and we believe that cross pollination of ideas/product exposure creates an immense value for Indian startups as well as global businesses that see India as a great opportunity.

Ideas/suggestions? Please let us know (in the comments section or email to

Also, we are hiring aggressively and looking for those who believe in our vision of promoting product ecosystem in India (so if you are the red-eyed-startup-lover, come over/opening details here).

– Ashish Sinha, on behalf of Team

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