10 Facts about Pluggd.in – Who we are, What we do

I get a lot of ‘Oh really!’ sort of expression, when we share some of the hard facts about Pluggd.in with our business partners. Hence I thought I will take…

I get a lot of ‘Oh really!’ sort of expression, when we share some of the hard facts about Pluggd.in with our business partners.

Hence I thought I will take this opportunity to share some of the hard facts with our most important partners, i.e. our readers.

1. We are not a not-for-profit business.

There are several bloggers who just do it for fun. Several startup organizations which are run on a not-for-profit business. Even Pluggd.in was started like that,  but has now turned into a serious business. And we are, just like any other startup trying to create bigger value here.

2. PI is a full time stuff

Yes. Continuing with the first point, I am running Pluggd.in as a full time activity. And we aren’t doing any consulting business to use Pluggd.in as a lead generation channel for the same [In my personal capacity, I do consult with Product companies in defining their product strategy – once in a while]. In short, this is ‘the‘ stuff.

Having said that, the rest of the team is still continuing with their job and will join at an appropriate time.

3. We are a Team

The site was started by me, but now Pluggd.in has a team behind it. Important to note that nobody in the team has a background in journalism. We all are part of the industry and hence, will not get into journalistic mode at all.

And believe me, I am full proud of the team and the insight they bring.

We continually receive requests from people that they want to join PI, but very few survive my ‘bossing’ attack! :). Actually, writing  (good stuff) on a consistent basis is not easy and very few people are able to do it.

4. We are among the top 500 sites in India

Check alexa and we are among the top ~500 companies [ranking keeps moving +/- 50]. If you do not trust Alexa (I personally believe they track the trend perfectly), send me an email and I’d love to share our traffic stats. Compare that with Vizisense and other tools and you will have a hearty laugh.

And all this without covering the most SEO friendly topic in Technology world, i.e. Gadgets.

PI Traffic

5. We do not charge for startup reviews

In the past we have received few requests to review startups in lieu of cash/kind. We never do this. When’er we have received copy of products, we have mentioned them in the review [for instance, book reviews]

Having said that, we do license our content to few media sites, but do not source content from anywhere else.

6. We discuss every review request internally.

We receive many review requests and we review them internally before publishing it on the site. And when we do not publish the review, we try to send a mail to the startup sharing our feedback on their product.

To cut the long story short, we are not a PR publishing company which can publish anything and everything that hits our Inbox.

7. We have received legal notices thrice.

Once we file our IPO and TV channels interview me and ask me ‘stupid things I have been through’, I will share the three legal notices we have received. All of them had no backing, but were desperate attempts by legal teams to justify their salary.

8. Virtual Team

You would be surprise to know that our team members haven’t seen each other! Not a single guy has met more than the other two guys in real world!.

Yeah, we are virtual and we enjoy it. At the core lies trust – each team member has a ‘publish’ privilege. There is no bossing around, you see!

9. Posts/Comment Ratio

So far we have written 3,514 Posts and have ~30,000 comments in the system [doesn’t include tweets etc]. Very few blogs in India have managed to achieve this ratio.

10.  We Hardly Attend any Digital Media/Social Media Conferences

The team hates me for this, but I do not attend/speak at any digital/social media conferences in India. Most of these conferences talk about the same stuff they were talking in 2006. Such conferences are mostly aimed at pleasing sponsors and giving an ego boost to speakers. Hardly any insight.

We are still striving for perfection and each day, we try to bring in better content to our readers.

If you have feedback on the site, please shoot an email [ashish at NextBigWhat.com]

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