Introducing:’s HTML5 Site [Rendered for Smart Devices]

We are super glad to share our HTML5 site for smart devices like iPad. The HTML5 site  can be accessible from, i.e. our mobile site URL.'s HTML5 Site's HTML5 Site

We decided to skip the app route, as taking a seamless/integrated approach to mobile devices (including tablet) is more logical and long-term. The HTML5 site and mobile site are neatly integrated (powered by Mobstac) and depending on the device you use to visit, the corresponding site will be rendered accordingly.'s HTML5 Site's HTML5 Site

That is, when you visit from your iPad, the magic should happen automatically and the site is rendered as per iPad’s form factor. And the iPad experience has to be different from a smartphone experience and that’s where the beauty of Mobstac platform lies.

Currently, the HTML5 site is in beta and carries a few known bugs (like auto-redirection doesn’t happen/works only with iPad), but all major bugs will be sorted out by first week of January, 2012.

Meanwhile, do give our HTML5 site (hop to a spin and share your feedback (either in the comment section or email to:

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