poll and the road ahead

We conducted a poll few weeks back and I want to thank you all for sharing your inputs. The poll results are a clear indicator of the road ahead:

We got 61 votes (looks like the poll was disabled since the last 3 days, ever since I have upgraded to wordpress 2.3) and 21 emails, and this is what you guys want us to do:

  • 30% votes on cool tech products: We are starting a series of topics on interesting ideas floating in the www space.
  • 25% on Daily dose of news on India Internet/Mobile: To start off, I will be covering mid-week buzz theme wise, i.e. mid-week telecom buzz, mid-week Internet/India Business buzz.
  • 25% votes for Coverage of India Business: We will start series of posts related to India business (which will be theme based)
  • 20% votes on Discussions related to Indian ads: Many of the emails actually were about why do this at Well, I agree with ye all and maybe we will do something discussions only if it’s relevant to the context.

    What’s next? Next week onwards, we will start a series of posts, and if you want to contribute as a writer, please email me.

Also, we have started the forum and request you all to start contributing to it.

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