App Startup Plustxt launches world’s first cross lingual messaging app [Targets NRIs]

First things first, messaging apps is the ecommerce of app business and while we have companies like WhatsApp going aggressive in India, there surely is a scope to disrupt the business by creating a niche around it.

Messaging app, Plustxt * has launched (as claimed) world’s first cross lingual messaging system (Indic language support). The app (available for iOS and Android) currently supports Gujarati Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil; and also uses transliteration.

Importantly, the company is smartly targeting a niche segment – i.e. of NRIs who would like to talk to families in their native language (i.e. a glocal play).

Developed in partnership with Reverie’s local langugage SDK (which was launched at UnPluggd), Plustxt also comes with privacy controls – i.e. you can decide whether a text or picture can be copied, forwarded or saved, you can even text without disclosing your real phone number (i.e. a mixed use-case of B2C and B2B).

Smart positioning?

For sure, yes! Given WhatsApp’s global traction, a niche positioning really helps one find a ‘place’ in consumer’s smartphone. However, these could be a ‘feature request‘ for WhatsApp team and the bigger challenge for the startup is to garner a huge traction before the big daddy gets it right.

Plus, given that Plustxt is targeting NRIs (mostly in US/UK / SIngapore/AU), they can surely drive adoption of such apps back in India (which is what WhatsApp did!).

Plustxt : Conversation Screen
Plustxt : Conversation Screen
Typing in Plustxt
Typing in Plustxt

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Another app, Imsy has also taken a different approach w.r.t messaging and has nicely integrated content/media using its API.

Disclosure* : Plustxt founder, Pratyush is also a part of team.

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