PM Modi’s #Giveitup Campaign Website Is Misspelled And Then Taken Down

The Give It Up or #Giveitup campaign introduced by PM Modi asks government officials and employees to give up their LPG subsidy. It was originally was hosted on a website named ‘’ which has a very obvious spelling mistake (the vowel ‘e’ missing in the domain).

Apparently ‘’ now shows a sign that says “the domain has expired” and that is available for registration. But there is a surprise!

Most campaigns strive to be available on the ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ sub-domain, here the campaign rests on a ‘.in’ sub-domain. [Pretty genius thing to do for a campaign website, just saying].


Maheshwar Peri, Founder and Chairman, CAREERS 360 was the first to point out this, and other errors on his Facebook page.

“For the amount of money being spent, I would have blocked every possible sub domain. But they only go for (a) .in. A dream fructifies with a strategy, a plan and meticulous execution. I still wish it works out, but this execution still takes away a lot of sheen of the dream. And heads must roll for bad execution,” he stated.




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  1. Lets not be that critical about this event. The good part is that government has started using IT to a great extent and with at least some basic expertise.. Just remember the quality of government websites few years back 🙂

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