PM Modi’s #Giveitup Campaign Website Is Misspelled And Then Taken Down

The Give It Up or #Giveitup campaign introduced by PM Modi asks government officials and employees to give up their LPG subsidy. It was originally was hosted on a website named ‘’ which has a very obvious spelling mistake (the vowel ‘e’ missing in the domain).

Apparently ‘’ now shows a sign that says “the domain has expired” and that is available for registration. But there is a surprise!

Most campaigns strive to be available on the ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ sub-domain, here the campaign rests on a ‘.in’ sub-domain. [Pretty genius thing to do for a campaign website, just saying].


Maheshwar Peri, Founder and Chairman, CAREERS 360 was the first to point out this, and other errors on his Facebook page.

“For the amount of money being spent, I would have blocked every possible sub domain. But they only go for (a) .in. A dream fructifies with a strategy, a plan and meticulous execution. I still wish it works out, but this execution still takes away a lot of sheen of the dream. And heads must roll for bad execution,” he stated.



  1. Lets not be that critical about this event. The good part is that government has started using IT to a great extent and with at least some basic expertise.. Just remember the quality of government websites few years back 🙂

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