Podcast with Ajay Sethi of Ziva [Part 1]

We did an email interview with Ajay Sethi of Ziva and as promised, here is our podcast.

The podcast is split in two episodes:
In the first episode, Ajay talks about Ziva, Zook, the strategy behind these products and most importantly, how are they trying to leverage the mobile search platform, and build a mobile social network [and how is this social network different from the regular ones]

In the second episode, Ajay shares his insights on entrepreneurship. Given the fact that Ajay comes from a core enterprise background [8 years in Oracle], what were the basic homework he went through before coming up with the idea of Ziva/Zook? What were his learnings from the VC community?

Hop to the podcast page.

Click here to get your own player.If you are a geek and wanna startup on your own, you’ve gotta stay pluGGd.in for the second part of episode. It’s worth the wait!Tags: , ,

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