Podcast with Anand Morzaria – on tolmolbol, entrepreneurship

Anand Morzaria is the founder of Pennywise solutions, the company behind tolmolbol.

In my earlier email interview, Anand talked about his entrepreneurial experience, why he started up on his own.

In this podcast, Anand talks about tolmolbol, how the founding team filtered 17 ideas and decided on going ahead with 1 (i.e. tolmolbol) and shares his learning experiences too.

Listen to the podcast here. Download the podcast.
Anand has some real interesting/practical tips for budding entrepreneurs – and breaks few norms that geeks are born and brought up with/shy away from – for e.g. he & his team strongly believe in selling the idea, marketing oneself and be penny wise !

Anand (and his team) pretty much represents the rising entrepreneurial culture in India . If you are a wanna entrepreneur and still thinking of whether to startup or not, I strongly suggest you to give this podcast a listen. I promise that it will add tremendous value to you.

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