Model Poonam Pandey’s Website Hacked

It is model Poonam Pandey’s turn to face the ire of Pakistani hackers, who have defaced her official website with messages and slogans.

The hackers who go by the name ‘H4XoR 99’  and ‘H4x0r10uX M1nD’ have hacked and defaced the model’s website with the message ‘Rise a Voice for Justice of Kashimr’ along with a tip for the webmaster saying ‘Patch Your Site’.

The hacker has also posted his e-mail address,, on the page.


Post this incident, the model had approached the Mumbai cyber police, who have traced the origin of the hackers IP address to Pakistan according to a recent report.

But strangely, the site is still up with the hackers messages and has not been fixed yet, a day after the incident.

Two days ago, after the BCCI official website was defaced by Bangladeshi hackers, the governing body immediately took the site down and fixed it by evening.


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