Movie Studio Sues Popcorn Times Users In The US

The makers of the movie The Cobbler have filed a lawsuit at a federal court in the US directed at 11 users of the file hosting service Popcorn Time. Cobbler Nevada LLC, which oversees the copyright for The Cobbler, claims that the 11 defendants used Popcorn Time to help themselves to free viewing of the movie.

Popcorn Time is a Bit Torrent client that allows people to instantly stream pirated movies and television shows on computers and mobile devices. Usually such cases are targeted at BitTorrent users, but for the first time is being focused on a client, ie. Popcorn Time users.

Popcorn Time is not private as users connect to public BitTorrent swarms making it easy for copyright holders to track down pirates. In this particular case, Cobbler Nevada LCC muscled Comcast Cable to hand over personal details of the associated account holders.

The movie studios are claiming that Popcorn Time doesn’t have any legitimate use, something which the users should have known. However, the developers of the Popcorn Time say that the app isn’t illegal, however the use people make of it can be illegal depending on local laws.

The filmmakers are demanding a permanent injunction against the 11 accused that they stop pirating their movies and is seeking $150,000 in damages. However, as with most such cases, they are likely to approach the defendants for a settlement of a few thousand dollars.

Image credit: IGN

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