Turn Your iPhone Into A 3D-Camera With Poppy [Now In India]

In a digital dominated world, there’s something romantic about using purely mechanical devices that work well.
Smartphone photography has exploded onto the world, but there’s always a market for things that help make your shots more creative and ultimately wonderful.
Enter Poppy, a devices that uses smart optics to turn an iPhone into a 3D camera. Looking similar to one of those ultra high-tech VR headsets, Poppy doesn’t have batteries that need charging or even any sort of electronics to be precise.
There’s a tray towards the front of the devices that will hold either an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s or even a 5th generation iPod Touch. The screen of the devices points towards the viewfinder, while the camera module faces forwards, just as it should.
To use the devices users are required to install the Poppy app, which is basically a gallery and camera app. There are two galleries, one for your own photos and for photos others have taken using Poppy, and then there’s the camera.
It’s pretty straightforward to use and the interface is well designed, but the results the hardware and software produce together are simply amazing. Rather than a bunch of algorithms altering an image, Poppy’s optics make for a true 3D experience.
The other upside of using Poppy is that it’s also sort of a VR headset – think of a really dumb version of Google Cardboard. Users can view any content shot in 3D including 3D Stereoscopic Youtube videos.
Coming at at a cost of Rs 6,900, Poppy is sold exclusively by NextEvolution in India who aim to become an e-commerce platform for novel devices just like Poppy. For now the device is sold on Snapdeal, which is great, but what sucks is that it’s exclusive to the iPhone.

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