Google has released latest stats regarding the number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform and Gingerbread  rules the device share with 47.6% share.

Popular Android OS Version

What’s surprising is that Froyo still is present in 9% of the devices (fragmentation anyone?). The good news however is that after 6 months of the launch, Jelly Bean is present in 10% of the devices (more details here).

Slow upgrade probably is an important trigger for Google to revisit Android fragmentation. Companies are launching devices which aren’t upgradeable as Google has failed to pressurize hardware vendors to conform to a minimum hardware requirement (case in point: Infibeam still is selling Phi tablet on Android 1.5). If new activation is all that matters to Google, Android definitely is on an upswing. But maybe developers have a different set of metrics?

What’s your opinion?


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