Browsers Indian Developers Develop for: Chrome wins hands down [Survey Result]

We ran a survey looking for data about what browsers (Indian) developers write code for, and primarily test for. The survey sought separate inputs for those developing for various target segments

  1. Consumers
  2. SaaS Customers
  3. Content
  4. Gaming

We also further segmented it by the product having an India focus or a Global one.

The results, while not surprising, are telling in their near-uniformity across segments, and a nearly universal lack of attention to Internet Explorer!

Browsers Indian Developers Develop for.

Chrome and FF together have over 92% of developer attention for the indian market


And for Global audiences, its even more!

consumerglobal_browserIts pretty much the same story for SaaS developers focused on India – except people do seem to focus equally on FF and Chrome.

For the Global SaaS markets, though, Chrome rules!

saas_indian_browserContent in India gets a little more love for IE, but the pecking order remains unchanged.

content_indian_browserFor Global content plays, its back to Chrome and Firefox all the way, again. We really do believe in Chrome!

content_global_browserWith Gaming, enter Safari!! And IE takes a backseat.

gaming_india_browserAnd curiously – that’s true only in India.


TLDR : its interesting to see the very high focus on Chrome/FF. While, its not unjustified given what we saw last year in our own logs and also from a quick read of worldwide browser share stats, the fact is that Internet Explorer is still more popular than reflected in the above developer preferences.

Is it because of individual developer browser preferences? Or are IE users not the kinds using online products and services?

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