Popular Sites- Stripped Down to Their Bones

Does the image on your right resemble a famous site?

Well, its Yahoo! – stripped of all its flesh and almost naked.

Kinda gives a reversed-enggineering aspect of how the UI team started with the design and came up with the fleshy Yahoo!

Here is an interesting art project called “Internet Soul Portraits“.

In their own words::

“I.S.P. is a tongue-in-cheek treatment of web design as pure representation. In this project, familiar images are altered by the application of essentialist, reductive approaches from a painterly tradition. The images are derived from the home pages of some of the most popular sites on the Web: Yahoo, Google, MSN, Amazon, CNN, eBay, The Weather Channel, MapQuest, Best Buy, and MySpace”

Its interesting to look at the bare-bones of Y!, Google and other sites..A must-watch.

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