Look Here, No Ads! Post Forward Replaces Annoying Banner Ads With Social Media Feed


Look Here, No Ads! Post Forward Replaces Annoying Banner Ads With Social Media Feed

We just found out about a very interesting browser extension that replaces banner ads on the sites you visit with your social media feed! Will get to the details in a bit. But first, lets take a look at why it sounds like manna from heaven when someone tells about creative ways to ditch annoying ads.

Many online publishers run really annoying advertisements that make it hard for you to read anything at all on the site. Take for instance the Bangalore Mirror website. This is how it looks:

Bangalore Mirror

Good luck getting to the news!

The obvious way to get rid of it is to install adblock. It’s very effective. With ad-blocker, it looks much cleaner. Something like this:

Bangalore Mirror With Adblocker

Now if you want to take it one step further, try our latest discovery: Post Forward. The browser extension replaces advertisements with your social media feed from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So a page with Post Forward will look like this:

 Bangalore Mirror With Post FOrward

Neat eh?

The only problem with it is that it treats most popups as advertisements and replaces it with your social stream. It becomes a pain when you want to quickly upload images (say to Google docs) or perform tasks that open a popup. The workaround is to pause the extension temporarily with the pause button which is readily accessible.

While this may not be the greatest solution to the annoying ad problem, it’s certainly an interesting way of solving it. Imagine if you could replace the social feed with a self learning news aggregator? Or a stock ticker?

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