In the Post PC Era, Microsoft Absolutely Needs Nokia; Stephen Elops Tells it Like it Is

Today, Microsoft completes the acquisition of Nokia. Microsoft has put out a piece on their website. It’s mostly about their shared vision and such. What’s interesting is Stephen Elops statement. Elop said

The vast majority of people do not have, nor will they ever have a personal computer. They haven’t been exposed to Windows or Office, or anything like that, and in their lives it’s unlikely that they will. And yet through the mobile phone business we have an opportunity to introduce what we like to call the next billion people, the next billion people to connect to the Internet, to Microsoft, because they’ll have an opportunity perhaps to have a first Skype experience, or a first experience with Bing, as an example. And so there are literally billions of people who can be exposed to Microsoft for the very first time. (via)

Satya Nadella

Microsoft knows! That in the post PC era, they were going to have to struggle, unless, they had a winning mobile strategy. And Nokia came cheap.

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