PosterGully brings posters online, not just another brick in your wall

We call ourselves Not just another brick on your wall, and we’re doing everything to prove our case.

PosterGully is a newly launched startup that sells posters, art prints and licensed merchandise online. The startup sells merchandizing including key chains, badges, stickers, art prints, tattoo packs etc and has a wide range of catalog (right from Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix to Star Wars and Ben 10!).


Here is a brief QnA with Delhi based PosterGully team on design sourcing/future plans:

Pi: How are you sourcing the design?

The designs are licensed official images of the respective brands sold online. We’ve complete authority to print those images as posters and art prints and retail them online. Same goes for the merchandise. Our printers have close to fifty licenses and we’ve currently put up about 855 odd unique posters, art prints, key-chains, badge packs and sticker packs on our web store.


Pi: What’s the target segment you are running after? B2C? B2B?

Our target audience is people in the age group of 15-40 years! We’re currently targeting B2B but we have the operations & scale to fulfill bulk orders. B2C per say is not what we’re looking at right now.

Pi: Current traction? Future plans

Within 48 Hours of launching (the site was launched on ay 25th), we’ve already fulfilled and shipped 11 orders tuning to Rs 6500. We’re offering Cash on Delivery all over India with exceptional user experience. We call ourselves Not just another brick on your wall, and we’re doing everything to prove our case.

Pi: Future Plans?

We’re working around getting customized posters online. But it would be contrary to what we’re promoting our brand as (official and legal) because of legal issues associated with printing unlicensed images. Getting to work around those issues is our biggest challenge for customized posters market.

Secondly, we’re constantly increasing our collection of posters entering into Minimal Bollywood posters, Vintage collection and other ‘in-demand’ products soon. Also, entering into online comics collection ( retailing vintage comic books online) is our plan for the next 6 months.

Other players in this industry includes OyeBazaar, ArtJini and ArtEmporio . Though PosterGully is heavily focused on consumers, enterprise sales is the one that drives a major portion of this business (i.e. hotels/restaurants etc).

If you are a poster buff, do give PosterGully a visit and share your comments/suggestions.

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