These are the top 10 Multi-Platform Properties (Desktop and Mobile) in Jan 2020, as per Comscore.

PropertyTotal Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)% Reach
1Google Sites395,76597.5%
3Amazon Sites325,89880.3%
4Times Internet Limited282,43269.6%
5Flipkart sites235,96458.1%
8Bytedance Inc.196,14248.3%
9Network 18194,09947.8%
10Reliance Jio Digital Services192,59247.5%

Desktop: 6+ Home and Work,
Mobile: 18+ Smartphone and Tablets iOS and Android .

Bytedance operates TikTok/Helo in India and its mobile-only platform is able to beat content heavy companies like Network18 (which gets significant traffic on both mobile and desktop).


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