“Don’t just fail fast, fail early and cheap” Introducing OLX Global Product Head, Praful [UnPluggd Speaker]

Most startups / product teams commit ‘expensive’ mistakes (experiments). Is there a way to *get there* (i.e. product-market fit++ stage) without burning a lot of $$?

OLX conducts a lot of such experiments and head of products for the Global OLX team, Praful Poddar will take us through the process of validating your ideas, concepts and solutions at a very early stage with the help of examples from his OLX experience.

This approach will help in saving costs and refines the product much earlier.

You will be amazed to see how the actual product that you deliver will be very different from what you thought of it as an idea, if you build right. [Praful]

About Praful: He is Head of Product for a few consumer product lines for the Global OLX team, building products for 100 million customers across 25+ markets. He has been building scalable and complex consumer facing products for the last 8 years. He was core part of Snapdeal from early days.

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