Pramati Launches WoM Social Widget – Tell-a-Friend

Pramati has launched Tell-A-Friend social widget, a free customizable widget that enables users to share content across IM, email or social  networks.

What’s so unique about it? – now that we have ‘share this’/’add this’, and several other social widgets?

Tell-a-Friend enables 1:1 communication – the widget enables one to logon to their Yahoo/Google and MSN account and share a link with friends via email (integrated with contact book) or chat (integrated with Y! IM/Gtalk, AIM and MSN messenger).

One can also publish the post to one’s blog (supports wordpress/blogger) as well as socionets like facebook or twitter.

The product is also being used by corporates like Intel and Sun to promote their product/brand promotions/gaming contests etc.

Do give Tell-a-Friend a spin and share your comments.

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