What The…Pranav Mistry Pitches for a Job to NaMo; Is Samsung Listening?


What The…Pranav Mistry Pitches for a Job to NaMo; Is Samsung Listening?

Pranav MistryDear Samsung, we don’t have sixth sense. Hence the straight question: is Pranav Mistry quitting? It would appear that he just did (or soon will), in a very public manner.

It was surprising to read this morning that he is eager to join the newly formed Indian government to work with fellow Gujarati Narendra Modi who is now the Prime Minister of India.

“I am waiting for him to pop the question… and ready to say bye to my lab,” Mistry, a Modi admirer told a financial daily.

Wow, now thats just short of saying something like “I quit, this job is too boring. And I want to change the way the world works.”

Here’s his pitch: If I get to be here (in India), I see myself in a role of bringing change to lives of the masses, which is far more satisfying (than being an innovator per se!).

What more, he already has a role on his mind: “I (am more suited to a role) as an advisor to the PM or to the science and technology ministry,” said Mistry who is planning to “call on” the Indian Prime Minister in June. Hopefully, on his Samsung phone.

Unless there’s more to the story, this is sort of a cold call to NaMo. May not be all that high on professionalism. Nevertheless, this is a big deal, if you read it with the fact that scientists have been quitting India for a long time now. And we sure have a serious innovation problem to solve.

Good for us, if this is the beginning of a new trend.

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