The Pratilipi Journey: Introducing UnPluggd Speaker, Ranjeet

Ranjeet, Pratilipi cofounder
Ranjeet, Pratilipi cofounder

A story telling app in local language? Why not masala videos? Or soft-porn pics?

Well, meet Pratilipi app – the story telling app which has created a category of its own. Here is it in numbers:

On Pratilipi, 92,000 authors have published 700,000 stories in 9 languages.

These stories are read 40 million times a month by about 4 million monthly active readers.

Pratilipi cofounder and CEO, Ranjeet is speaking at UnPluggd on finding product-market fit in the early days.

This is pretty much a new content category in India (especially at scale) and importantly, a different take on content consumption, as opposed to several others who are relying on rich media content (hello soft porn) for engagement.

If you are a founder or product manager or part of a team figuring out product-market fit, do attend UnPluggd conference.



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