Pre Natal Sex Determination Ad on Google India – Brinda Karat wants to ban Google in India

CPI(M) leader, Brinda Karat wants Google India chief to be arrested, for showing sex determination ads on Google India searches.

Earlier supreme court issued notice to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for displaying ’sex determination’ ads and the issue has resurfaced, even though Google claims that they have blocked all of the ads on site.

The interesting twist is that Google will still show ads for ‘prenatal sex determination in Thailand’ (where sex determination is legal) and has a convincing argument:

it’s possible that if you try to find a prenatal sex determination facility in a country like Thailand where such tests are legal, you could find results and ads relating to that country. “But that’s like a library in India that keeps magazines from Thailand that may contain ads on prenatal sex determination,” he said. “You can’t hold the library liable.” – Google lawyer (via)

While lawyer argues, “Even if it is an ad that relates to Thailand, it is Google that is promoting it. And if the ad is in violation of Indian laws, then it should stop streaming the ad for India”

And now, Brinda Karat has demanded a ban on Google India and arrest of Google India head!

Isn’t that too much to ask for? What’s your take on this issue?

This isn’t the first time Google has been in news for advertising related issue – after 26/11 they even had ads that said ‘Pursue education in terrorism’, a fallout of DKI (i.e. dynamic keyword insertion).

Few other legal controversies Google has faced in India:

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