Preferred App Deployment Platform for Indian Startups [Survey Results]

Amazon’s cloud service AWS is the preferred app deployment platform for more than half of the startups surveyed, according to a Pi poll. Microsoft Azure comes second followed by Heroku and CtrlS.

We recently started a survey regarding preferred app deployment platform among Indian startups and here are a few interesting insights:

– Amazon AWS wins hands down. Overall, 53% of survey responds mentioned that they use AWS, followed by Azure (17.3%) and Heroku (14.6%).

We looked at companies from two different perspective – 1)Product/SAAS Companies, i.e. ones which sell cloud services (e.g. Freshdesk) and 2)Tech Enabled companies, i.e. the ones which consume cloud services (e.g. Flipkart).

Product/SAAS Companies and their preferred cloud deployment platform.

AppDeploymentPlatform ProductCompanies

AWS takes the crown with 55% share, followed by Azure (14%) and Heroku (14%).

When it comes to Tech enabled companies, here is the breakup:

AppDeploymentPlatform ServicesCompanies

What’s surprising is the adoption of CtrlS platform and the not-so-serious adoption of Google’s AppEngine. As far as Azure is concerned, Microsoft surely has a long distance to cover.

And finally, the overall ranking:

AppDeploymentPlatform India

What are your thoughts on these app deployment platforms? Why do you select one over the other?

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