What’s the Most Preferred Mobile App Development Platform? [Market Report]

For the last few years (or decades), Symbian and Java ME platforms dominated the developer mindshare.

As the world upgraded itself, these platforms failed to keep up with the pace and the incumbent platforms have lost out to a more monetization focused platforms like Android and iPhone (OS).

..half of Windows Phone MVP developers (valued for their commitment to the platform) carry an iPhone and would think twice before re-investing in Windows Phone.

Here are a few great insights from market research.

  • The large minority (20-25 percent) of Symbian respondents who sell their apps via iPhone and Android app stores reveals the brain-drain that is taking place towards these newer platforms. The vast majority of Java ME respondents have lost faith in the write-once-run-anywhere vision.
  • In the last two years, mobile software and applications have moved from the sphere of cryptic engineering lingo to part of the essential marketing playbook for mobile industry vendors.
  • One in five (app developer) release apps in both the Apple App Store and Android Market.

The Great Divide – Apps vs. Installed Base

Installed base has no meaning in the new era of mobile war and interestingly, the platform with highest number of apps is among the one with least installed base.


“..the embedded software industry ecosystem has focused on enabling handset OEMs to differentiate, while on the right hand side, the Internet/PC ecosystem has focused on enabling developers to differentiate”.

What’s important to note is the speed of innovation in the newer platforms vs. the incumbent OSes – developers have a reason to move.

Choosing a mobile platform? What Matters

Market penetration and revenue potential were more important than any single technical reason for selecting a platform, revealing how mobile developers today are savvy about the economic implications of mobile development.

Preferred Choice of Platform

Android is the *mindshare* leader.

Android stands out as the platform most popular with mobile developers. As per the survey, nearly 60 percent of all mobile developers recently developed on Android, assuming an equal number of respondents with experience across each of eight major platforms.

What’s your take on the report [download from here]?

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