Preparing for GRE, GMAT? Learningpod Makes Practice Easy

LearningpodPractice makes perfect. And Learningpod makes it easy for you. The New York based startup will help you prepare for a test or learn things quicker with its library of practice questions.

It can help you prepare for exams such as GMAT and GRE. There are questions in various topics such as Art & Design, Engineering, Mathematics, Society & Culture.

The company takes question content from publishers like Kaplan and open education partners like OpenStax College, and distributes on its website.

Currently, Learningpod has over 47,000 questions including common core and Higher ed items, and is free for students and teachers.Learningpod1

What’s nice about it is the ease with which you can use it to prepare for tests. You can also share the question on your social stream, in case you’d like some help.

Learningpod lets you create questions and practice sets as well. The team is also making an authoring tool that standardizes the format and a question bank that centralizes this information and data so that it can be used by multiple companies and individuals.

What’s clever about Learningpod it also gives you an embed code that can be used to quickly share pods, or question sets. So for instance, if an educator want to quiz a class, he can create questions, publish it and quickly make it live on a website or share it with students.

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