Organic Undie from India [Green Innovation]

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Organic Undie from India [Green Innovation]

Delhi based Advantage Organic has launched Organic Undies that contains extracts of neem, basil leaves and flecks of silver – keep the wearer safe from bacterial infections.

Based on the age old principles of natural healing by improving the body’s aura and balancing of chakras, Advantage Organic’s range of garments is designed to boost the body’s natural resistance and healing powers leading to a better quality of life and overall well-being.advantage organic to prevent skin disease

This unique concept is based on two guiding objectives:

  1. Improving the human body’s natural resistance against physical, mental and spiritual problems, i.e. improving the human body’s aura.
  2. Improving the human body’s self healing power, i.e. balancing the Chakras.

The company has launched ‘Joy of Life’ clothing range that applies Biotechnology applications and Organic/Natural Herbal extacts for processing which adds to the inherent beneficial properties of these Natural Fabrics,

Natural Fabrics such as Cotton / Organic Cotton, Silk, Wool, Hemp, Linen etc. are more porous than any other manmade fabric. This allows them to absorb moisture from our body and the moisture evaporates from the clothing quickly, allowing our skin to breathe. Thus the body is kept at even temperature. Natural Fabrics also helps in maintaining body’s Aura. They minimize the chances of allergies, which some people are prone to in comparison to manmade fabrics. Unlike Synthetic Fabrics, Natural Fabrics does not melt when burned and so cannot stick to the skin and cause serious burns in case of fire accidents. Moreover Natural Fabrics are always considered fashionable throughout world as they come in a wide choice of textures, weaves and weights, and are suitable for any style required.

Green Fashion
Green Fashion

Technology Behind Organic Undie

  • Dyeing at Nano-scale, treatment with Bio-enzymes and coatings of various herbs, healing crystals & natural bioengineered extracts; constitute Joy of LifeTM process.
  • Excellent CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) potential, will also earn Carbon Credits (CER’s).
  • 100% Natural and Eco-friendly, saves lot of water, electricity/energy, dyeing ingredients & time in comparison to conventional textiles processing methods.
  • Conventional textile processing industry is one of the biggest industrial polluters in contrast the effluents released from this technology work as manure for agriculture.

The company, in collaboration with IIT Delhi has been granted the patent for it’s technology and is in the final stages of USPTO, EPO, China & Japan.

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