Few days back, we asked you how much will you pay for 3G services in India.

Given the target group that Pluggd.in reaches out to (early adopters of technology, influencers), we aren’t so surprised with the results.

We kept the optiosn simple (and left the complex tariff plans for operators to force on us) and 39% of those who took the poll are ready to pay INR 1,500 for an unlimited plan.

Out of the 549 people polled in two weeks time, 33% prefer data plan; while 28% will go for Rs. 750 per month plus data plan.

3G Services – How much will it cost?

Too early to say, but given the fact that operators are paying a *handsome* amount for the auction, expect a high launch price. And like with any service, early adopters will drive the awareness and eventually, will force operators to bring down the rates.

What’s your opinion?


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