Compared: Pricing of Ebooks and Physical Editions [Amazon Vs. Flipkart]

When Amazon announced its India store, we conducted a poll and asked if you’d buy the “dead tree edition” or an e-book. More than one third of voters said that they would buy an ebook only if they offer major discounts and nearly one out of five said that they will only buy e-books. Two out of five said that they prefer physical books.

Assuming that Chetan Bhagat is “the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history” (disagree?) and that Flipkart is the gold standard in e-tailing physical books, we horsed around a bit, trying to find if there are any “major discounts” around.

Here’s what we came up with (including cheapest price from other book stores, for which the data has been sourced from

Chetan Bhagat on Kindle Flipkart Cheapest
What Young India wants Rs 81.57 Rs 98 91
Revolution 2020 Rs 80.40 Rs 91 90
Two States Rs 80.40 Rs 98 98
Five Point Someone Rs 84.5 Rs 98 95
3 Mistakes of my Life Rs 83.33 Rs 98 94
One Night at a call center Rs 85.68 Rs 98 83
All together Rs 495.88 Rs 469 (combo) 469 (by all stores)

Aside, popular classics like A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice among others are free on Amazon while you have to pay to buy the physical copy.

EBooks Vs. Physical Edition?

The quest continues. Maybe ebooks aren’t likely to kindle anyone’s fire yet (in India), eh? If that snap poll is anything to go by (poll is embedded in the post, will be active till this weekend) – most, at least for now, will continue buying physical books and at best wait for much much better pricing on ebooks to make the shift.

Newton’s First Law got it right about inertia!

What are your thoughts?
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