Prime Minister’s Twitter account, @PMOIndia, Not Active Enough [Report]


Prime Minister’s Twitter account, @PMOIndia, Not Active Enough [Report]

The Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account (@PMOIndia) has very limited engagement and only 1% of the tweets are @replies and 5% retweets, according to a recent study of world leaders on Twitter.

The global study, called Twiplomacy, also found that governments of more than three quarters of the 193 UN member countries have a Twitter presence.

The Prime Minister(@PMOIndia), Manmohan Singh, has been so far unsuccessful in connecting with his G20 peers Brasilia, Canberra, Moscow, London, Ottawa, Tokyo and Washington on Twitter, said the study.

The study also showed that Pope Francis is by far the most influential twitter personality with 11,116 retweets for every tweet he sends on his Spanish account.

Twiplomacy Global

Here are some interesting insights it gives on India;

  • The Prime Minister’s Twitter accounts sends out at an average 5 tweets a day.

  • Engagement on @PMOIndia account is extremely limited.

  • 95% of the tweets by the account are being retweeted.

  • The most popular tweet by the account is a message of sorrow after the brutal assault and murder that took place in 2012 in New Delhi.

Twiplomacy India

Here are some of the Global insights;

  • All world leaders combined are following 2,058,109 other Twitter users.

  • 68% of world leaders have made mutual connection with their peers.

  • U.S. President(@BarackObama) is the most followed world leader on Twitter with 33,510,157 followers.

  • @BarackObama was also the first world leader to join Twitter.

  • Pope Francis is the second most followed world leader with 7,200,332 followers on his nine different @Pontifex accounts.

  • A quarter of world leaders and governments unilaterally follow President Barack Obama(@BarackObama) and the White House(@WhiteHouse).

  • Swedish Foreign Minister(@CarlBildt) is the best connected world leader.

  • Ugandan Prime Minister(@AmamaMbabazi) is the most conversational world leader with 96% of his tweets @replies.

  • Two-third of African governments have a presence on Twitter.

  • African leaders are amongst the most conversational Twitter users.

  • Almost all Latin American governments have a Twitter presence.


The central government, many of the state governments and leaders in India have been trying to be active on twitter to gain popularity and make an impact, especially during elections. Strangely most of their Twitter accounts turned out to have more than 50% of fake followers.

According to a recent analysis done by us, Shashi Tharoor, Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have the highest number of fake followers. Shashi Tharoor has 63% fake followers while Narendra Modi has 70 % fake followers.

The Indian government, and political parties have recently woken up to the Twitter phenomena. Last year Sam Pitroda, the adviser to the Indian Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation, pulled off a Twitter stunt called the first ever press conference on Twitter.

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