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PringOO – Print/Design your imagination!

PringOO is an interesting startup that is attempting to break into the “almost” crowded design marketplace by being seller friendly.

Few nifty features of Pringo (as Jai, co-founder puts it):

  • We give freedom to seller to set their percentage commission rather than restricting to a particular figure.
  • We allow sellers to establish their free online shop customized by selecting one of the templates available. ( We are adding more)
  • Sellers can make their design editable for buyers (That means buyer can further customize a seller’s existing design for himself/herself)
  • Seller can publish a single design on more than one products, rather than being limited to only one.
  • Buyers can create their design by uploading their photograph, or selecting an image from pringOO clipart or from their image gallery. As well as adding their text message.
  • We offer shipping and no tax. But for expedite shipping we charge extra.

Unlike companies like Myntra, PringOO’s USP lies in giving freedom to sellers to set their percentage commission (Myntra has a flat commission structure of 10%, while with PringOO you can get max commission till 25%).


Essentially, Pringoo sets the base price and Market price is calculated as Base price + seller’s commission. So, if you are a niche seller, you can charge more and even otherwise, you can experiment in the market.

Give Pringoo a spin and share your comments. Honestly, of all the ideas that are copied from the west, these are the ones which have been applied very gracefully in India (fyi: cafepress is the daddy site of all these t-shirt design ideas)

By the way, from where do you purchase such “cool” t-shirts? – Webvastra? Myntra? DilseBol? PringOO or the local shopping mall?

I’d love to know.

Aside, is another portal launched in similar category.

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