Creating a strong privacy policy for your website: What to keep in mind [Whiteboard Friday]

Your webapp/site needs to have a strong and user friendly privacy policy. In this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team explains various considerations all website owners should have while creating an ideal privacy policy for their website (blog, forum, information portal, ecommerce etc). 

Privacy policy revolves around any data that you collect from your users and how do you use them or store them. For example:

1. What data you collect

2. How do you store the data

3. Security of data

4. Data retention policy

5. Data sharing policy

It is important to know that just copying a standard privacy policy off the web can get your online business in trouble. We recommend that you work with a strong partner to create the ideal & strong privacy policy for your website which will legally protect you and make your users comfortable.