Verisquare- Classified Portal for a Private Network [Review]

Verisquare is a private network classifieds service aiming to remove spam and improve collaboration within your trusted network.

Verisquare is a private network classifieds or social classifieds service. Each network is defined by the email domain of the user. So a user with gets joins into network and so on. Only official email id users are allowed to join in. Folks using generic emails like cannot use the service. The service is targeted at college students and organised sector employees, as unorganised sectors do not generally have official emails or absolutely no email.

The service aims to remove spam and lets you communicate within your trusted network. The interface is neatly done. The service is integrated with Facebook and Twitter(currently broken) to make sure one reaches a larger audience.

Classifieds sites in India get a major chunk of their traffic from search engines but since Verisquare is based on closed network so it might have to take up the white label classifieds route or depend on companies to promote this internally or grow on pure word of mouth.
Large companies usually have their own classifieds section in their intranet sites for the employees and in smaller companies every one is within reach over the coffee machine so their could be resistance in adaptation of the service . Also most colleges in India do not provide official email ids to students so this may be another issue with the service. The service is solely based around an organization so customization of locations’ list should be allowed.

Do give Verisquare a spin. CXOs, do you see this service helpful for your employees?

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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