Priyanka Chopra Does AMA on Reddit. Answers Nothing


Priyanka Chopra Does AMA on Reddit. Answers Nothing

So Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra a.k.a Piggy Chops went on a Reddit outing. Since Anurag Kashyap’s super cool Ask Me Anything went well, Redditors were kicked about this one too.

After the customary plugs, about herself, and her latest videos, and her latest song and her movies, and so on and so forth, she said: Ask me anything.

And the Redditors did. She did answer a few nice questions in the beginning. On one seemingly innocuous question:

Yes, I do keep track. It’s important in initiatives such as this to be in regular touch in order to understand the full impact and effect on their lives and help them fully utilize the potential and opportunity.

Whatever that means.

A question on Homosexuality

I believe that people should be free to live the way they want to. Love is love and is not defined by whether you are homosexual or heterosexual! Very simply, I believe in the adage “to each his / her own”. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own sexual preferences.

Not bad for a start. But it didn’t take long for things to take a turn for the worse.

The question on top

Recently a road was renamed in Andheri, Mumbai after your father. What was the reason that it was renamed? What contributions has your father made that a road was renamed after him and not after countless other people who strived and died for India? What made you decide to nominate him and not other people for such a thing?
I as a citizen of this city would like to know from you since the whole deal of renaming a city road unnecessarily is sketchy and shady and reeks of corruption. Thank You.

No answer.

The second question

You endorse a host of cosmetic creams, don’t you think that these companies are preying on the insecurities of people ? How do you justify your endorsements ?

No answer.

The third question

How important is auto-tune in your singing career?

No answer.

By this time, redditors took it upon themselves to provide some answers. In reply, one said

Pretty much everything.Autotune is like oxygen of her singing career.

After this point, it was all a race to the bottom.

Many questions. No answers. That prompts another question: Is this an AMA or AMAWA? (Ask Me Anything Won’t Answer) by a redditor.

Wasn’t the whole idea to be forthright and take as many questions as possible? To be fair, some of the questions & comments were downright vicious and trollish. Well, check out the AMA and you decide. Priyanka Chopra

Tip: In case you are interested in fraandship, she is still on Orkut (at least her official page ^^ says so)! There you have it Google, THE reason to NOT KILL Orkut.

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