ProBlogging Tips – Don’t give a Damn to Daily Stats

[Part of problogging series, i.e. ‘What they don’t teach you at D-Harvard Blogging School’, where I would like to share my experience of running]

Almost every day, I have to answer this tough question on’s traffic – how much daily visits do we get? PVs per visitor? UUs? (i.e. unique users)? Bounce rate?
Typically, all such queries are answered with a clueless face or some vague numbers.

The fact of the matter is that I really don’t check my blog stats very frequently. Not that I don’t have the time for it, but just that daily stats don’t matter to me.

Isn’t traffic statistic the most important metrics?

No. Not in my opinion. If you are in the blogging world for a long run, I strongly suggest you not to check your stats daily (even though lot of probloggers will tell you to analyze and dissect your stats).

And I really mean that.

The reason is very simple – If your blog traffic is going down, you will get disheartened (and lose interest, no matter how passionate you are) or get desperate to plug the traffic (for e.g. write 10 posts a day, without keeping a tab on quality).
In essence, you will end up doing right damages to your blog ensuring that it doesn’t get traffic!

And I am not saying that one should not check stats at all, do it but don’t get bogged by it.


If not stats, then?

User Engagement.
A good blog (which need not get lot of traffic to start with) attracts people to share their opinion/insights.

Infact, user engagement should be the only criteria you should judge your blog on. If you aren’t getting comments, go back to the whiteboard and analyze what’er you are writing is relevant to others or not.

Remember that visitors share a comment only when they agree/disagree (i.e. opinion) or have an insight/analysis to share.

And as a blogger, if you aren’t doing your homework (i.e. collecting insights, analyzing the market), don’t expect your readers to do anything on your behalf (rest assured, they won’t even come back).

Here is a simple ToDo for you:

Make a wishlist of number of comments you would like to see in your blog, for each category.
Don’t be too ambitious in the beginning, be reasonable (i.e. don’t expect TC like, or Big B like comments).

For e.g. I don’t expect comments on posts related to “India Business“, but I do expect some min. number for posts related to core theme of, i.e. review of indian startups.

Last but not the least, Be the change that you want to see in your (blogging) world!

Simply put, if you want to see reader’s comment on your blog, have the decency to share your comments/analysis on other’s blog.

It’s a win-win situation!


Got questions? comments? suggestions?

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