Introducing :, A Global Product Discovery Platform

Startups = Funding.

That’s what the mantra has been lately and in the entire process, great products / hacks have simply faded away.

Not anymore!

We are super excited to bring back

To those who joined the party a little late, well we started as and rebranded to NextBigWhat 3+ years back.

While NextBigWhat is primarily focused on being an extremely useful media space for startups, investors and geeks, always stood for one thing which was part of our tagline :

We Heart Startups.

That is, all about exciting early stage startups, hacks and products.

But With A Twist

No founder stories.pluggdin

No ‘how I braved 300 mosquitoes and coded my way to glory’.

Why is that? After all, these make for nice reads!

Maybe, but we aren’t solving your ‘happy reading’ problem.

What we truly want to achieve is to make great products discoverable to the geeks and founders of the world! 

» Checkout some products at []

Which is precisely why you will see minimal product descriptions. The kind of descriptions that your users/customers will use to judge you.

If it strikes, you get upvotes. And a place in the leaderboard.! [And lotsa traffic and customers !!!].

“More than 60 Companies signed up for TeamWave within 2 days” [Shuhaib Shariff, Founder of TeamWave, which was profiled last week]

To summarize : is THE global product discovery platform that will showcase interesting products and hacks everyday.

And while we are at it, we are here to build a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, doers and seekers!

And yeah. Stay !

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PS : We did experiment with making a funding platform, but frankly the market isn’t ready yet (most of the such platforms are namesake platforms and more of ibanking service).

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