The Product Management Bootcamp Program

Calling early stage startups to apply for product management bootcamp program, as part of NextBigWhat’s Product Management Course.

The bootcamp program is a 1-month program where the startups get access to high quality product management talent from NextBigWhat academy.

Startups can use this opportunity to get a third-eye view on issues that need an independent, unbiased perspective – right from deciding which market to enter, to figuring out product-market-fitness to defining growth lever.

We will prefer startups with a working product and a clearly defined problem statement.

Note: This is 100% free online program for selected startups (but you need to commit time and effort for max results).

Product Management Bootcamp FAQs

As a startup, do we need to pay to participants?

No. Not even to NextBigWhat. But do consider hiring them/referring them, if you are happy with participants’ performance.

Is this going to be a full-time program?

No. Participants will, on an average spend 4 hrs / week on the program. Hence, define a sharp problem statement which needs to be solved in the limited duration.

Does the program mandate participants to be in same location as the startup?

Not at all. The entire coordination will happen online.

I haven’t enrolled for NextBigWhat’s Product Management Course. Can I participate in the bootcamp program?

Right now, the bootcamp is only for those who are part of NextBigWhat’s Product Management Course.

How many students will work with a startup during the bootcamp phase?

Depending on the complexity of the problem statement, we will form a group of 2 students who will work on a startup’s defined problem statement.

What is the final outcome of the program?

Very simple.
For course participants, you will get a real world view of products are built, the decisions taken on run-time and how to take decisions.
For startups, you get a very practical perspective, a third-eye view on your product strategy which will help you find blind spots early on.

Is this program only for Indian startups?

The plan is open for global startups and global participants.

What’s the frequency of this product management bootcamp program?

Last month of every quarter.

What about industry categories?

Great question. The program is equally applicable to consumer, enterprise and saas startups. Essentially, a function of interest/background of participants.