Announcing Our New Approach to Product Management Courses

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Mark Van Doren

We finished two batches of our Product management courses, took a break for 1 month, I personally spoke to atleast 30 product leaders (from India / Silicon Valley) and this is what we observed:

All existing courses (and I do mean ALL) follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.
That is, the same course whether you are entering a product management function or have been playing a PM role for the last few years.

Makes no sense!

Most of these courses are of very little utility when it comes to being actionable. After all, an entry level PM needs to learn more of ways to deal with engg/design teams rather than writing GTM strategy (which he/she is anyways not going to do for next 24-48 months).

Most courses, in order to sound ‘serious’ are of 12-18 months duration.
That’s a serious waste of time !

Product Management isn’t a MBA degree. It’s a DOER training and should focus on framework thinking rather than just tools training. Most courses lack actionability.

Introducing: ProductGeeks’ Product Management Courses

We evaluated product management courses globally and based on several interviews with product leaders, I am extremely proud to announce two separate courses (via our learning/community arm, ProductGeeks):

#1: Foundational Product Management Course

This is meant for those who are at the entry level or have less than 4 years in Product Management.
That is, from -1 to 4 years of PM experience.

Foundational product management course
Foundational product management course

This is an 8 week online course and next batch starts Sep 29th; Expect a lot of practical frameworks, home assignments and most importantly, access to exclusive content from the industry’s most inspiring product leaders.

» Details here.
» Starting Date: Sep 29th.
» Registration has begun (and will close in 15 days).
» Need more details? Speak to program lead? Please share your details here and the team will connect with you.

#2: Growth Course for Senior Product Leaders

This is a course for senior product managers onwards.

That is, you are defining the product strategy, you own the product roadmap, you manage a team of product managers / analysts and you are responsible for growth.

Growth Product Management Course
Growth Product Management Course

And you need to learn / connect with some of the best global growth leaders out there.

In short, you are transitioning from product management role to a growth leader role.

We will share the details soon. Please subscribe to the form below to be the first one to know when we launch.

Happy ProductGeeking !

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