A Nifty Product Management Lesson From Google Chrome

A few days back I wrote about how how helpful should the product error messages be and of the three browsers compared, Chrome  actually was the winner when it came to identifying a problem and suggesting solutions around it.

But the key question is – “How do you promote your own product and still be helpful?

Take a look at this pic:

Google Chrome - Offline Vs. Online Mode
Google Chrome - Offline Vs. Online Mode

The offline part is what you see when you are not connected to the web – i.e. Google is really helpful in suggesting that ‘you are offline’ (i.e. gray icons). And the moment you are online, the icons are back in colors.

What’s the common thing? The ‘Chrome Web Store’ icon which is the first icon (and cannot be removed) is the icon one that maintains consistency in different browser states. Everything else changes. In short, Google is promoting its own product and at the same time is being helpful.

A smart product management move? Actually a very very smart move.

These are unnoticeable yet smart moves by companies that creates a brand, that creates presence in one’s sub-conscious mind.

What’s your take?

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